Store Your Belongings With Austin Van & Storage

Moving to a new home often comes with the added step of having to pack all of your belongings into boxes to transport them across the city, state, or country to your new home. However, moving all of your items at once can often be a hassle. If you’re facing limited time and space during your next move, having a reliable company for storage services in San Antonio is essential.

Whether you’re waiting to close on your new home, preparing to sell your old home, or are simply looking for a place to store your priceless belongings as you move, let Austin Van & Storage help you.

Learn more about how Austin Van & Storage can help you with your storage services in San Antonio during your move by requesting a free quote or by contacting us.

San Antonio Storage Services You Can Depend On

We offer secure, cost-effective vaulted storage facilities for short-term and long-term storage to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Our facilities offer:

  • Over 100,000 square feet of superior warehouse space
  • Alarm and sprinkler systems
  • Storage vaults available for customer inventory or inspection
  • Availability for corporate and residential equipment, inventory, records, or household goods
  • Dedicated staff for excellent warehouse and management controls
  • Inspected by the United States Department of Defense

Short-term Storage

Short-term storage services in San Antonio is useful if you sold your home quicker than you expected. It can also come in handy if you need a place to store your priceless belongings while you’re waiting to close on your new home, and it can be an essential part of ensuring that your belongings won’t get lost or damaged as you wait for moving day.

Long-term Storage

Long-term vaulted storage services in San Antonio is essential when you are downsizing to a smaller home. This is especially true if you need somewhere to store objects that you are not ready to get rid of. This can include antique belongings, furniture, boxes of memorabilia, and other priceless items that occupy space in your home. By moving them to a long-term vaulted storage facility you can rest easy knowing that your objects are secure for your return.

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