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Moving to or from San Antonio? Count on our long distance and local services for moving, storage, packing, and relocating! It doesn’t matter where you’re going, our team ensures the smoothest transition to your new home. All you need is AV&S to help you make the move!

Your Local And Long Distance San Antonio Movers

Choose AV&S for an easy local or long distance San Antonio moving experience. There’s no such thing as a move too big or small for us. Our affordable San Antonio moving services range from down the street to a cross-country move. Whether it’s local or long distance, trust our San Antonio Movers to get the job done with flying colors.

Relocating is already complicated enough, let us handle the hassle for you and your family. Whether you’re moving within San Antonio city limits or to another city/state, our moving services are available to you.

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Full-Service Moving Company in San Antonio, TX



Our San Antonio movers take pleasure in assisting you. They’ll create a custom moving plan for your unique needs. Let us handle everything, from safety procedures to packing instructions for your family or employees.


Let us handle all your moving needs. From start to finish, we’ll get you the perfect amount of moving equipment, packing materials, and manpower for your San Antonio move. We even do storage.


Moving to, from, and around San Antonio isn’t stressful when we’re involved. We’ll provide you with updates throughout the process. You and your belongings are in good hands.


Need additional changes after your move? Our team will always ensure you’re taken care of and can help you with any questions or concerns. Get help from our support team today.

How Does It Work?

We use the latest technology when it comes to moving in or around San Antonio. Our software ensures all your personal belongings travel safely to your destination. Call and schedule an appointment for a guaranteed moving estimate. We offer a variety of moving packages, suited to all kinds of needs. Choose a moving package, set dates, and expect your move to go smoothly. It’s that easy!

Moving in San Antonio, Texas

What Can I Move?

Anything and everything! Our movers are highly trained and experienced to accommodate all your relocating needs. We don’t just move furniture! Our specialities include custom packing for fragile items. We also offer fantasic furniture moving services. All our services extend to businesses looking to relocate to new office space, as well.

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We’ve been movers’ top choice in San Antonio since 1963 and we only keep getting better at it! Our employees are trained with responsibility and accountability. Expect nothing but first class, personalized services from us. We even provide you with helpful packing tips!

Moving services are available for all situations, including:

The Most Trusted San Antonio Long Distance Movers

At AV&S, we have decades of experience in helping the residents of San Antonio move long distances. Residents and business owners of San Antonio trust our long distance moving services because they know our business is reliable and has been around the area for over 50 years. Whether you’re moving from somewhere else in the country to San Antonio, or out of the city to a different state, our team of long distance movers in San Antonio is here to help. 

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Dedication and quality service sets us apart from the competition. We pride ourselves in the time and care we put into your move. With Austin Van & Storage, you can count on our original estimate. Trust our movers in San Antonio to help you make the transition to your next home hassle-free. Contact us for a free quote today!

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