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Relocating an office to a new location can be a hassle for both employers and employees. Which is why it is crucial to hire the right office moving company. At Austin Van & Storage, we help corporate clients with their employee relocation and office moving needs to ensure that the moving process to their new office is as smooth, simple, and easy as possible.

Whether you represent a corporation moving to a bigger building or a small company looking to expand or move to a new office, let Austin Van & Storage take care of your office moving needs. We help you during the complicated and stressful process of moving offices so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

Our office moving services include locked-in pricing allowing you to budget your office move without any surprises. Learn more about how Austin Van & Storage can help you with your office move by requesting a free office moving quote or by contacting us.

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Helping With Your Office Move Every Step of the Way

Our expertly trained moving specialists do more than just pack, load, transport, and arrange your desks, chairs, computers, and office supplies. Moving your business involves more than just the day of the move. We handle your business relocation from beginning to end.


Pre-Move Planning

If you don’t dedicate time to planning your move properly, it can increase your movings costs and set back your moving timeline. Our office movers will help you make a custom moving plan specific to your needs. We’ll handle everything, including safety procedures and packing instructions for your employees.

Move Management

Our movers specialize in making sure your office move is seamless. For both small offices and companies with several locations, our office movers can manage the entire project. We’ll ensure the correct amount of moving equipment, packing materials, and manpower are used for your office move.

Moving Day

The day of your office move itself doesn’t have to be stressful or chaotic. We know that the more downtime your company has, the more it costs your company. Our project manager will work with you to do everything we can to reduce downtime, monitor the move, and provide you with updates during the process.

Post Move Support

New office spaces can present new and unexpected problems. If your team needs any additional changes or reconfigurations, our team will make sure you’re taken care of. It’s our job to make sure your business is up and running as if the office move never happened. Contact our support team for anything you need.

Who Our Business Moving Services Are For


Professional Offices


Retail Stores


Medical Offices


Educational Facilities

Why Choose Us to Move Your Business?

Partnerships With HR Professionals

When an employee requires a long distance move, whether it be interstate or intrastate, Austin Van & Storage can help make the move easier by partnering with HR professionals. We take the guesswork out of employee relocations and make the process easy. We ensure that your employees have a positive experience and are relocated without any issues.

A Stress-Free Move For Your Business

Our business is moving your business. Let us handle your office move, leaving you to focus on what matters most. We’ll provide you with all the supplies you need to efficiently pack and move your office. Does your company need somewhere to store unneeded office equipment and documents? We also offer affordable storage services to ensure the safety of your property during your transition to a new office.

Protection for Your Office Equipment

Our office moving company offers Full (Replacement) Value Protection, our most extensive insurance plan, to protect your office valuables in the rare event they are lost, damaged, or destroyed. By selecting this option, your goods are 100% protected and will either be repaired or replaced. You can also accept a cash settlement for their current market value.

Office Moving Services

Our Service Areas

Office Movers in San Antonio, Austin, and Corpus Christi
Austin Van & Storage doesn’t just have corporate relocation services to and from Austin, Texas. We also have offices in San Antonio and Corpus Christi, allowing us to provide office moving services in multiple locations around Central Texas. If your company is moving in to or out of the Austin, San Antonio, or Corpus Christi metro area, make us your office moving company!

Office Moving FAQs

How can you help our business move?

Moving offices doesn’t have to be stressful. We understand that each business is unique, from the size of their office to the number of employees. Austin Van & Storage, in partnership with Bekins Van Lines, can help regardless of your business size while taking time to fully understand your budget and time requirements. Our personal move coordinator will work with you to coordinate your move and ensure that things go smoothly.

Our moving services help with internal office transfers and employee relocation across town, across Texas, and more. You can rest assured knowing that your office records and supplies will also be transported safely to your new location, regardless of whether you’re a medical office, educational facility, retail store, or professional office.

How do you minimize downtime for my business?

We minimize downtime by employing the most efficient commercial moving methods out there, like utilizing reusable crates rather than cardboard boxes for all your employees. Our company has been helping offices move for over 50 years. We’ve developed an art to getting your from your old office to your new one with as little downtime as possible. As large part of this is our pre-move planning phase, where we ensure all items are properly labeled and that everyone’s clear what you’ll pack and what we’ll pack.

How do you estimate the cost of an office move?

We’ll need to see your offices and workspaces in person. After that, we’ll work with you to determine your specific needs for your office move, such as which items, if any, you wish to bring on your own. From this information, we’ll make an initial estimate of what your office move will cost as far as time, effort, and money. Before your move date, we’ll also send you a final written estimate that fixes what you’ll pay for your office move.

Do you offer packing services for our office move?

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive packing and unpacking services for offices in San Antonio, Austin, and Corpus Christi. We guarantee your computers, desks, and office supplies get to your new office in one piece.

Moving an entire office is a stressful job that can take away from valuable 9-5 time. Don’t let your employees get behind. Let our packing and moving service experts manage your entire move for you, from start to finish.

Are you large enough to handle full corporate relocations?

The is no office moving job too big for us and no distance too far for us. We’ll handle large, international corporate relocation moves no matter how complex. We have the people, equipment, and service abilities to manage every office moving need you can think of.

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