Long Distance Movers

Long-distance moving can be overwhelming, whether you’re moving within Texas or across the United States. Choose Austin Van & Storage as your long distance moving company and see why so many customers trust us with helping them move to a new city or a different state.

Long-Distance Moving Doesn’t Have to Take a Long Time

Austin Van & Storage provides you with peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in the hands of an experienced team of long distance movers. Our quick and reliable delivery times keep you from waiting on your belongings. We offer intrastate moving services for those who will be moving within Texas, as well as interstate moving services for those who are heading to another state.

So whether you’re moving out of state or intrastate, let Austin Van & Storage help you make your move as stress-free as possible. Contact us or get your free long distance moving quote today to begin your move!

      Interstate Moving

Moving out of state can be challenging, especially when you’re making a long cross-country move. It’s important to choose a company experienced in interstate moving to make things as simple as possible. Austin Van & Storage, in partnership with Bekins Van Lines, provides you with the interstate moving services that you need for your move. You can trust us to get your belongings to your new home quickly and safely.

     Intrastate Moving

Is your move taking you elsewhere in Texas? Choose Austin Van & Storage to help you get to your new home. Our intrastate moving services can get you to and from any city in the state of Texas fast, often with overnight service. Choose us as your intrastate moving company to help make your move as simple and stress-free as possible!

Need To Move Fast? We Have Expedited Moving

Moving traditionally takes several days as you wait for your items to arrive. For those who need their belongings as soon as possible, we offer an expedited long distance moving service. The same moving team that loads your items will drive to your new home to unload them. Enjoy your new home quicker by choosing an expedited long distance move!

Need Storage For Your Long Distance Move?

Storing any excess belongings during transit is a welcome choice for many. For those who are in need of storage, we offer a warehouse to ensure that your items are safe during the moving process. Learn more about storage

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