Why Choose Austin Van?
Austin Van & Storage uses a process that tracks the entire shipment from origin to destination. This tracking system allows us to control quality assurance throughout your move as well as tracking every person involved with a particular shipment.

This program was implemented in 1963 and has been refined consistently each year. It allows us to keep our process working as it should be while allowing us the opportunity to offer competitive rates without compromising quality care and service.

Our Employee Training

A committee selected for quality assurance monitors all ongoing training for employees. All of our new hires are required to participate in a two-week training session related to their line of work and all responsibilities they will encounter. This process uses modern technology and hands-on supervision to ensure that they are well prepared.

After completing the training program, employees are then assigned to on-site training for another two intensive weeks. This cross-training is essential and allows for them to become familiar with the high level of customer satisfaction that we provide.

Measuring Success

Austin Van & Storage measures success through customer satisfaction. We do this through surveys and direct communication with the customer. This allows us to get a better picture of our employees and their progress and potential to provide the best moving service possible.

Recognition & Corrective Action

Austin Van & Storage recognizes superior performance with our employees with the following methods:

  • Employee of the Month/Year Awards
  • Quarterly Bonuses
  • Promotions

We also have a corrective action program designed to recognize the challenges and weaknesses in employees who don’t meet our standards. This allows us the opportunity to determine the appropriate response to ensure that our commitment to quality and service is upheld in your move.

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