which city should I move to

Moving to a new city is a major decision. Even if you've already narrowed down your results to Texas, that leaves a ton of variability in the climate, culture, and lifestyle associated with the cities left to choose from.

Before figuring out which city you should move to, you should consider dozens of factors including affordability, employment opportunities, real estate value, crime rates, and proximity to your friends and family.

That's a lot of work, so we've made this short quiz to simplify the decision-making process for you.

Take this quiz to find out which city in Texas is the best fit for you!


Which Texas City Should You Move To?

What best describes your spending habits when you have extra cash?
Which most closely aligns with your number one goal right now?
How important are professional sports to you?
What is your favorite kind of athletic activity?
What type of housing would you prefer?
How do you best like to spend your vacations?
What's the optimal way to commute to work?
How clean would you most recent roommate describe you as?
Where's your favorite place to go for a drink?
What's your favorite Summer activity?
What's your favorite kind of weather?

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